Web Design

South Carolina Federal Credit Union



Date Completed

July 2017

Created With

Photoshop, Sitecore

Project Synopsis

South Carolina Federal Credit Union has been a longtime client of Engagency for years. The time came earlier this year to update their website to a modern look and feel while improving the user experience. I was put in charge of designing a new website that was fresh and modern while still being familiar to the longtime members.


The Mobile Menu

SCFCU has three tiers of pages that begin with an overarching category such as “Borrow” and dives down two more levels to a specific product. Having this many tiers meant an ordinary accordion mobile menu would not work. My solution was to have “Pages” come out in overlapping succession as you go deeper into a product tree.

This also meant that the top level page could be linkable and styled as such. This style of menu was highly adaptable for different amounts of pages per a category.

More Photos

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