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Hi, I’m David. Over the years I have slowly transitioned from being design focused to being more front-end development focused. There’s something very satisfying about taking a design and then using best practice and creative methods to bring it to life. Coming from a design background gives me a great advantage in putting a design into code. I know the attention to detail that designers have, and I translate that into my code.

When it comes to design I’m like a Swiss Army Knife. Need a logo? Done. Need that logo animated? Also done. Need a website designed around it? Finished. Need 3D product mockups? No problem. I am versatile in what I create and how I create it.

As a person, I’m endlessly curious with a side of wit. I’m mature but still a big kid at heart. When it’s time to get serious, you’ll find me more focused than anyone in the room. I always put the necessary time and energy into achieving the ideal result while taking into account the effect of time constraints.

I am socially/environmentally conscious and love to travel. Experiencing new cultures and locations is something that I value very much. As a professional and person I’m constantly trying to improve myself. I’m always in the process of learning something.

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As a front-end developer, I pride myself on using elegant solutions which are adaptable, and most of all simple. With the amount of devices and screen sizes nowadays, it’s important to create things that can adapt to them. It takes years of experience to know the systems and methods which work best in a given scenario, and I can say I have that experience. Adaptability is key (content editors never cease to amaze in the things they try).

In an ever evolving industry, I stay current with the latest HTML, CSS, and Javascript trends and am always in the process of fine-tuning my skills. I love the challenge of creating something I haven’t done before.

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