When it comes to design I’m like a Swiss Army Knife. Seriously, I am. Need a logo? Done. Need that logo animated? Also done. Need a website designed around it? Finished. Need 3D product mockups? No problem. I could go on but I think you get the point – I am versatile in what I create and how I create it.

As a person, I’m sarcastic with a side of wit. I’m mature but still a big kid at heart. When it’s time to get serious, you’ll find me more focused than anyone in the room. I always put the necessary time and energy into achieving the ideal result while taking into account the effect of time constraints.

I am socially/environmentally conscious and love to travel. Experiencing new cultures and locations is something that I value very much.

As a designer and person I’m constantly trying to improve myself. I’m always in the process of learning something.

0% = A New Hope Luke | 100% = Jedi Master Luke

  • After Effects 95%
  • WordPress 85%
  • CSS/Sass/HTML 91%
  • Photoshop 90%
  • InDesign 85%
  • Illustrator 80%
  • Cinema 4D 70%
  • Final Cut/Premiere 75%

Front-End Development

As a front-end developer I take pride in bringing a design to life. Being a designer myself, I have a keen eye to bring the coded version as close to pixel perfect as possible. My code is clean and minimal, but at the same time adaptable to the content. Because of this, my code transitions into CMS page templates such as WordPress easily. I take mobile devices into account from the beginning and I enjoy making a website look as good on a phone as on a desktop.

In an ever evolving industry, I stay current with the latest HTML and CSS trends and am always in the process of fine-tuning my skills.

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